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Galn Books is Looking for a Cover Artist!!!

Galn Books Looking for a Cover Artist!
We are looking for a cover artist for one cover for the next book in The Helioseed Series. The covers that are show on the R. E. Close author page of our site are the examples to go by. The continuity of this series must be maintained so the series LOOKS like a SET of books. This is critical. If you are an artist and can or know someone with the proper skills who can maintain the continuity for these covers, go to the R. E. Close author page and email me and we will take a look at your work.

There are seven covers to go in this series. The current temporary cover(author drawing) for White Witch is posted on the R. E. Close author page along with the covers of the three novels that are already published. We offer a $30.00 design fee and $40.00 picture fee for a total paid to the artist of $70.00 per cover. This is for front cover only. Prices may be negotiated if the artwork is what we want.

This is not f-locked, please pass the word!!!! Comment here or email or!!!!!
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