kyrieane (kyrieane) wrote,

To fandom, please halp!

So I have this friend who is a self-published author, he has three books on the market right now and he created his own little publishing overhead in order to do this. In the course of one of our discussions about this, I did what I normally do and presented an idea that just proves how silly I can be. I asked him if it would be possible to open up his little one man publishing trademark, and make it an actual publishing house. And off we go. Now I need some information, and where do I go for information? To you of course!
I’m looking for freelance editors and freelance artists to open a dialogue with, because within the year, I will be looking to contract people on a professional level, which means they get to earn some money and expand their portfolio! Some of the BEST editors and artists I have ever “met” have come from fandom, and this was the best place I could think of to come to for this kind of help. I’m leaving this post open to all, and I ask that my immediate flist repost this and help me spread the word.
My email is
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