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I'm Back!


Painted Dreams

Dreaming the Impossible

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And in other news!
I'm Back!
Last night the UMF held it's first annual charity casino night here in jolly old Evanston, and it was a success! We've become familiar enough in the community that soliciting donations and supporters is no longer like pulling teeth without any pain meds, and our sponsors donated enough to completely pay for the event! We also had several hundred dollars worth of door prizes that were raffled off, and our 4 top table winners walked away with some pretty amazing prizes (one was a night in a jacuzzi suite plus a dinner for two, another was a $400.00 package of fireworks). We will also be able to donate somewhere close to $2000.00 to Angels Among Us for this christmas season.

Having been the recipient for several years of organizations like Angels Among Us and the Angel Tree, it's been a pretty amazing and humbling experience to be a part of these events. I understand how desperate some of these families are, how the donations made at these events are the only gifts their children recieve during the holiday season, for some of the kids the clothes they get are the only new clothes they get the entire year, and the toys are the only new toys they get. As a parent, I know how devastating it can be to have your child asked what they put on their list to santa, and know that not one single request can be filled from your own pocket. I know what it is to dread christmas morning, because there won't be anything under the tree, and I know what it is to not even be able to get a tree. I still don't have much in the way of tangible items or money to donate, but I do have my time and my skills, and those things are just as important. This holiday season I urge all of you to remember what it's all really about. Donate an hour of your time somewhere, save your coffee money and buy stocking stuffers, do something in your community to honor the spirit of love and hope that the holidays are really about.


I love you all!

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Aren't you lovely?

My thoughtful girl...

My mom and I already put together a big batch of things to take to the Food Bank for Thanksgiving. Three big bags full, in fact.

I think it's so great that your Casino Night did so well!

:::hugs you:::


sounds like way too much fun....I totally agree with all that you said here i have went through all the above just like you. (unsure about this year still)

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