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Friends Only!
I'm Back!
Hihihi! This livejournal is Friends Only, so this is the place where you leave me a quick little comment telling me why you'd want to be a part of that pretty little crowd!

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Because I'm a glutton for punishment!


Do you have any idea of how many inappropriate ways I could respond to that?

*smoochies you behind the school house*

Hehe...I can think of many ways to respond to that...and most would probably be fairly accurate.

But don't let K catch you smootching behind the schoolhouse...I don't want the punishment that would come along with that. Now...under the bleachers, maybe...

And you. Not under the bleachers either.


Who said that you could kiss him? You are in trouble, little missy.

Does this mean there are spankings in my future? Cause, you know, I hates the spankings. Or something.


Love you baby

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