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Friends Only!
I'm Back!
Hihihi! This livejournal is Friends Only, so this is the place where you leave me a quick little comment telling me why you'd want to be a part of that pretty little crowd!

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Because I'm a glutton for punishment!


Do you have any idea of how many inappropriate ways I could respond to that?

*smoochies you behind the school house*

Hehe...I can think of many ways to respond to that...and most would probably be fairly accurate.

But don't let K catch you smootching behind the schoolhouse...I don't want the punishment that would come along with that. Now...under the bleachers, maybe...

And you. Not under the bleachers either.


Who said that you could kiss him? You are in trouble, little missy.

Does this mean there are spankings in my future? Cause, you know, I hates the spankings. Or something.


Love you baby

I think you already know, lol!

I'll give you a call later...


Don't abandon me!!!!!!!!! *clings*

Dear Kyrieane welcome back..., err what year is it where your at, cause where I'm at it's 2008. Have missed you and your writing - Friend me old friend. Miss your site Painted Dreams too, that was a huge undertaking. Cindy Lee

Hi sweetie!

I'm slowly but surely on my way back! Painted Dreams is also back under construction but at a much smaller scale, I've been really busy and haven't had much time for the fun stuff.

*hugs* Glad to 'see' you again!

Loved Apartment 4A one of my faves and would love to know what else you have hidden away.

Hi. Thanks, I'm really glad that Apt 4A is one of your faves, I loved writing it. While not complete, you might want to check my site, Painted Dreams:BtVS for the one-shot 15 Photographs, and some of my other stuff. I've taken a hiatus from writing for now, and this lj is primarily used for personal things, but if you want to be updated when I do write, a better place to look would be kyris_corner as that is where I will post it! I'd be more than happy to friend you back there.

I started reading your fics with the Xangel(us) story where Angelus made a wish and ended up inside Xander from the time he was a kid through to the time of The Acention(sp?) I tried to find and follow the rest of your stories only to find you had shut down your lj site. I would love to be a member. I might not comment very often RL is crazy right now so could I please be on your friends list.

Hi. I'm not actively writing right now, this lj is used primarily for personal things as, like you, RL is very crazy. My website is up, Painted Dreams: BtVS and Im currently formatting a bunch of fics I thought I had lost. A better place to keep an eye out for anything new would be my writing lj, kyris_corner, thats where I'll post anything new. Thanks

*peers at you*

And you would be?...?

Hi! I was following a rec for your story Apartment 4A (I found it on a rec list in Litgal's memories but I think someone else created the list) and wanted to read it. Would appreciate it if you'd friend me. I'm a lurker so I won't be cluttering your friend's page with a lot of stuff!


Hi! I don't currently have any fic housed here on LJ, but you can find my BtVS stuff at http://www.btvs.kyrieane.com/kyrieane.html and Apt 4A is the first fic on the list, followed by the sequel. I'm not in a position where I can write much anymore, and this LJ is pretty much just where I whine.

I saw some of your fics reccd by Spikeluv and would like to read them, please! I'm very much a lurker and don't post much so I won't clutter your friend's page, but I do leave f/b.



I don't have any fic on this lj, but you can check out my site, Painted Dreams for what I do have available.


I want to join the bandwagon because I read Apartment 4A on The Spander Files and cried.

It was time for a good cry <3

Re: Friendfriendfriend ♥

And plus (I only thought of this after I posted the original), someone who makes the world stand so sharp in black and white has to be awesome.

Re: Friendfriendfriend ♥

Wow, just...wow. Thank you so much! Do they happen to have the coda fic to that, 15 Photographs, on The Spander Files? Anyway, I'm not currently writing, my RL is just too insane, but if you want to read the rest of my stuff, you can find it at Painted Dreams:BTVS

Link for dad's plans & photos so I don't bother you further. He wanted Dick to see them in case he wanted to try a few out.


I'm going back to my hole and I'll contact your mom or Dick when your box, #51 is finished.


Hello, I was directed to this journal for the story Pearls and Rubies. Are you archiving your SGA fic somewhere other than Painted Dreams? I understand if you don't want to do the friending thing but I would like to read this story somehow. Thanks.

I would really really love to read your mcshep fanfiction but i cannot for the life of me access them.
Is the Link broken? )=

(Deleted comment)
Hi, I don't currently have any fic housed on my lj, my RL is just too insane for me to write anything that resembles good! What I've got up on my site is all that I've managed to format and publish. Thanks for your interest, it always amazes me to discover that there are people who still read my stuff!

Your story "Apartment 4A" made me wanna take up photogrphy and see the world you wrote about That 5 weeks ago. I have a Minolta xg7 and Maxxum 5..and love them and the 13 rolls of film. thank you! oh and can I have a copy-just for inspiration?

Wow! Thank you so much, thats an amazing compliment! You are more than welcome to take a copy for your personal collection, thank you so much!

Hi! I came across your LJ when I was trying to read Gems!Verse on Spander Files. Something about the way it's formatted there won't allow me to load it on my mobile browser, and the link to your webpage is apparently dead. I'm hoping that the story is posted on your LJ. May I also say that I am totally repulsed by Kern's speech, which is possibly the most gross and disgusting thing I've ever seen on anyone's LJ. What's worse, I live in OK!

Hi! I actually am just curious if you have any more chapters of 'Smoke' here or anywhere else besides Spanderfiles.com

Hello, I'm not sure if you're still checking this journal but I was interested in reading one of your SG1 fic. Where might I find it? Your site only has Buffy fic.

Thank you.

I would love to read your mcshep fanfiction. I was intrigued by a request by someone else to find working links to your fic.

Found a link to Apartment 4a... but can't get into it because it's linked to this Friend locked journal. Pretty please can I has fic?

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